Ready. Set. Go…

Food. You need it. Sometimes you love it. Sometimes you hate it. Either way, you can’t live without it…..               Welcome to my world of food.

So many cookbooks and blogs show beautiful “art” food made with ingredients I have never heard of. It’s gorgeous to look at, but I would never make it. It’s real food, but not real for ME! THIS is not one of those blogs. I make real food for my real family and have an awesome time doing it. Maybe you don’t cook…. If you stick with me for the next year you will learn simple (and not so simple) techniques and skills to make you a great down to earth cook. If you already know how to cook, hopefully you will find tips and inspiration that will help you feed your people.

We will talk about ways to eat well and save money. We will learn cooking basics and the basics on how to choose and prepare all sorts of fruits and veggies. Have kids? I will teach you how to make kids like all sorts of foods. I will have posts and videos with guests who excel in preparing ethnic foods. It’s gonna be awesome people!!